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When choosing a disinfection service you want a GBAC certified industry leading disinfection technician professionally treating the germs in your establishment. Using a technician trained in decontamination protocols is critical in ensuring your establishment receives the highest level of professional disinfection.

Stop-a-Germ’s certified cleaning technicians are trained in treating surfaces contaminated with viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus with professional grade EPA registered, N list disinfectants, PLUS an antimicrobial long-lasting protectant.

Curious about the maximum length of survival of common bacteria on surfaces?


At Stop-a-Germ it’s extremely important for us to provide you with an affordable service for pennies per square foot. Jobs are customized. Pricing is based on variables such as square footage, frequency of service, and number of high tough areas to treat. 

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How Our Services Work?

During your initial consultation, the disinfection technician will swab a surface area and assess the level of microbial decontamination using an ATP meter.

After your free consultation, we will conduct Stop-a-Germ’s three step cleaning. 

We always use EPA 
approved products and follow CDC recommendations. 

Step 1

First, we thoroughly CLEAN high touch point areas.


Step 2

Next, we DISINFECT your establishment vertically and horizontally using an electrostatic sprayer.

Step 3

Then, we apply a long-lasting antimicrobial PROTECTant to minimize future germ colonization.

atp test

Final Step

Last, we conduct another ATP test to determine the efficacy of the treatment.


We will sign, date, and provide you with a “Certificate of Professional Disinfection”
to post in the window of your establishment.

This certificate provides you with an added layer of security and confidence.
Your establishment has taken every step to ensure quality protection

Our three-step clean, disinfect, protect service is great for many environments! Here are some areas:

stop a germ offers services in following areas:

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