Stop-a-Germ is a family owned and operated small business in the heart of Los Angeles. The founders and operators of Stop-a-Germ have been employed in the healthcare and wellness professions for over 25 years.


Our Mission

Our mission at Stop-a-Germ is to minimize the spread of germs, illness, and disease by creating an environment where individuals can live and work with the peace of mind that their surroundings have been cleaned and disinfected with safe products. Reducing future surface microbial contamination in homes and businesses is our top priority. 

“As a female business owner and mother, using products that are safe around pets and children was my top concern. I am very pleased with the ingredients in products we have selected to disinfect homes and business. All are EPA approved and safe for food surfaces. I am excited to share the same three step disinfection system I use to confidently disinfect my homes and business with others.”
Owner of Stop-a-Germ
Stop A Germ
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