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Do you have your certificate of professional disinfection hanging in your business window?

Welcome to Stop-A-Germ

Stop-a-Germ is a family owned and operated small business in the heart of Los Angeles. Our founders and operators have been employed in the health and wellness professions for over 25 years. When we say Stop-a-Germ, we mean it!

Stop-a-Germ services minimize the spread of disease causing germs. We create an environment in which people can live and work with peace of mind. Their surroundings will have been cleaned, disinfected, and protected with safe products by professionals trained in decontamination protocols.

Stop-a-Germ services begin with thorough cleaning and disinfection of high touch surface areas. Then, using an electrostatic sprayer, we apply a long lasting antimicrobial surface protectant that reduces germ colonization even after the service is completed. This long lasting antimicrobial protectant is not a replacement for regular cleaning but an addition to regular disinfection practices.

professionals provide you with a sense of protection greater than regular standard cleaning.

We service residences, businesses, offices, gyms, schools, and vehicles.

Our Approach

A certified GBAC (Global Bio-Risk Advisory Council) disinfection technician will meet you on site at the location to be treated. Together you will walk the premises as the technician conducts a thorough contamination risk assessment.

Our decontamination tech will swab an area to assess the establishment’s surface microbial colony using an ATP meter. This measures the level of surface cleanliness.

Next, the tech will customize a treatment plan to clean, disinfect, and protect surface areas by applying the long-lasting antimicrobial protectant. The type of establishment, square footage, amount of furniture and objects to be treated will be considered..

 Then, the tech will quote you an affordable fee for Stop-a-Germ’s
three step treatment.

Why Choose Stop A Germ?

We offer Services in These Areas

Duration of Protection


Hear what they have to say about Us!

"I had not had my elderly parents over for many months. I hired Stop-a-Germ and my kids were finally able to have their grandparents over for a visit. After witnessing the three-step disinfection service, I felt so much safer having my parents over. "

Gary L.

"I am a school counselor. Students carry so many germs. After Stop-a-Germ disinfected my office I was finally able to relax and felt safe touching my office desk, phone, art materials, and other office supplies."

De Anne M.

"Now that salons have reopened in California. I wanted my customers to know that as salon owner I took every step possible to have the salon professionally disinfected. Now my customers can relax and feel safe when they come in for a hair service."

Boulevard Hair Salon


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